South Carolina Hunting & Fishing Regulations

SC State Hunting and Fishing Regulations

South Carolina offers hunters a near perfect mix of terrain with the coastal region, known as the Low Country, containing areas ideal for waterfowl while the central and west regions, known as Up Country, is mostly covered in dense forests and rising mountains. Although it is not necessarily known for trophy sized deer, the Palmetto State is home to nearly 730,000 white-tailed deer. With less pressure than most other southern states, it makes an ideal state to add a few more pounds of meat to the freezer. Other species to hunt include black bear, turkey, feral hog (no closed season or bag limit), coyote, migratory birds, and if fortunate enough there are alligator permits given via lottery draw.

With over 2,800 miles of shoreline, back-country rivers, and freshwater lakes, South Carolina is an angler’s paradise. Along with endless areas to fish, there is no shortage of species to catch. Common catches include black crappie, redbreast sunfish, largemouth bass, white catfish, and striped bass. Other species to reel in include American shad, trout, walleye, perch, Atlantic sturgeon, black seabass, king mackerel, spotted sea trout, and tarpon.

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