Georgia Hunting & Fishing Regulations

GA State Hunting and Fishing Regulations

Georgia is a popular state for both in-state and out-of-state hunters alike. Species to hunt include deer, turkey, bear dove, waterfowl, bobcat, fox, as well as small game species and even alligator. Invasive species open to year round, no limit hunting include feral hogs, coyote, armadillo, groundhog, beavers, starlings, pigeons, and english sparrow.

Georgia’s unique geography offers fishermen a variety of different options. From coastline fishing in the southeast where species include bluefish, grouper, cobia, amberjack, red snapper, black sea bass, spotted sea trout, red drum, and flounder; to the trout-filled mountain streams in the northeast. Other freshwater species include bass, catfish, crappie, pickerel, shad, and walleye. Georgia’s marshlands are excellent places for those looking to gather clams and oysters.

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