Alaska Hunting & Fishing Regulations

Alaska State Hunting and Fishing Regulations

Known as the Last Frontier, Alaska offers hunters the opportunity to pursue more than a dozen species of big game animals. From deer, mountain goat and bear, to the more unique species such as caribou and muskox, Alaska has it. With a landscape that accounts for one-fifth the size of the entire United States, the big game animal populations here are less dense, which provides a unique challenge to hunters, aside from the Alaskan frontier.

For those who love to fish, Alaska offers endless possibilities. With 3,000 rivers, 3 million lake and over 6,500 miles of coastline and four regions (Northern, Southeastern, Southcentral and Southwestern) to choose from, Alaska is a fisherman’s dream. Fishermen can choose between freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing and ice fishing. Just like the state in which they come, the fish in Alaska boast as some of the biggest.

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