Maryland Hunting & Fishing Regulations

Maryland State Hunting and Fishing Regulations

Maryland is perhaps best known for its variety of fishing, but the state boasts plenty of opportunity for hunters as well. situate on the Chesapeake Bay, and with numerous waterways and marshes, duck and goose hunting in Maryland is exceptional. For deer hunters, Maryland has a large population of white-tailed deer and is also home to Sitka deer, though in significantly less numbers. Black bear hunting is legal in Maryland, but permits are only issued through a lottery system.

Home to the National Aquarium and famous for blue crab, there are no shortages of fishing opportunities in Maryland. From the ocean to mountain streams, there is something for every fishermen’s list. The Chesapeake Bay alone is home to over 350 species of fish. Common catches in Maryland are yellow perch, chain pickerel, largemouth bass, striped bass, bluefish, and tautog.

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