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United States

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Bow: Elite Archery Enkore

Release: Hot Shot Archery X Spot Deuce

Broadheads: Thorn Broadheads rift 2.2″

Arrows: Easton 6.5mm Acu Carbon match-grade & 5mm axis

Sight: Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL double pin

Rest: QAD HDX ultra rest

Stabilizer: Beestinger 10″ Sport Hunter Xtreme (front) and Beesting 8″ Sport Hunter Xtreme (rear)

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Bait fishing, Fly fishing

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I’m Brad.

I grew up in a family where no one hunted. By the time I was 25 watersports (wakeboarding, surf, diving, etc.) were my passion. Following the big wave Hawaiian surfer Mark Healey,  I came across a picture of him shooting a bow, then went on to read how he hunted with a bow on land, and a spear gun in the water, as a means to put food on the table. My outlook on life nearly took a 180 on the spot. For the first time, I  saw someone who was not the typical “surf bum” that lived a clustered life, spending all-day riding waves & all night dreaming about them. He viewed food as a responsibility not only to a healthy ecosystem but to the health of his body as well. Mark knew where every meal came from, and exactly what he was eating. This ultimately led me to a full understanding of what it meant to be a provider. Within a year I had saved enough money, purchased my first bow, and haven’t look back. Being the ultimate provider to my family, and sharing this knowledge with them, has become a foundational pillar to my life.

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